Why Lufthansa Group is also guilty in Ukrainian crash in Iran?

Also responsible for the Ukraine International Airlines crash may be Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Aeroflot to the parties responsible for the Ukraine International Airlines disaster in Iran? There may be a conspiracy and a surprise verdict on who is also responsible for the crash of  Flight PF752?

The version from Iran: “Under such sensitive and critical conditions, the Ukrainian Airlines flight 752 took off from the Imam Khomeini airport and while rotating, it was placed completely in the position of approaching a sensitive military center in the altitude and trajectory of an enemy target. They must have thought the plane on their radar, flight PS752 was a foreign airforce plane about to blow up.”

A minute later 176 innocent airline passengers of a commercial airliner lost their life.

This is more than tragic, but are there is more to the story.

Of course, Iran should have immediately closed their airspace to civil commercial aviation.  There was a reason the Federal Aviation Authority in the U.S. (FAA) had declared Iran a no-fly zone.

Ukraine International Airlines ignored the U.S. warning and decided to operate their flight during an armed standoff between the United States and Iran.

So far no explanation or apology was heard by anyone from Ukraine International Airlines.  Why did the Ukrainian carrier allow for their flight to take off?

International flights took off from Teheran after the Iranian missile attack on the United States on January 7 with retaliation expected and everyone on high alert on January 8

Turkish Airlines TK 875 on 08 January took off at 3.35 am to Istanbul
Austrian Airlines OS  872 on 08 January  t00k off at 3.45 am to Vienna
Lufthansa LH 601 on 08 January took off at 4.23 am to Frankfurt
Aeroflot SU431 on 08 January took off ar 4.31 am to Moscow
Qatar Airways QR 491 on 08 January took off at 5.01 am for Doha
Turkish Airlines TK 873 on 08 January took off at 5.07 am to Istanbul
Ukrainian International Airlines PF752 on 08 January took off at 6.12 am and was shot down 
Turkish Airlines TK879 on 08 January took off at 8.23 am to Istanbul
Qatar Airways QR483 on 08 January took off at 12.50 pm to Doha
Turkish Airlines TK871 on 08 January took off at  3.29 pm to Istanbul
Qatar Airways QR 499 on 08 January took off ar 11.08 pm to Doha

Qatar Airways and Aeroflot continued to fly without interruption.
Turkish Airlines canceled all flights on January 9
Austrian Airlines kept flying on January 9 but canceled all flights  from January 10th until January 20
Lufthansa took off on the 8th and canceled all flights until January 20

So who is guilty in this conspiracy killing 176 people?

1) The Iran government is guilty of allowing the airport to operate during a conflict. Iran is guilty for attacking the U.S. base. Iran is guilty of shooting down the plane without making sure it was, in fact, an enemy military aircraft.

2) Ukrainian International Airlines is guilty by allowing their aircraft to leave Teheran during an armed standoff.

3) Qatar Airways and Aeroflot are guilty by operating flights during an armed conflict and they appear to be negligent for keep flying in and out of Teheran without interruption before and after the crash.

4) Austrian Airlines is guilty by operating flights during an armed conflict, in a zone that was declared a no-fly zone by FAA. Austrian Airlines is negligent for continuing operation even a day after the crash.

5) Turkish Airlines is guilty of taking an enormous risk operating flights into a war zone on January 8 and for continuous operation the entire day on January 8.  Turkish canceled all flights on January 9 but resumed normal operation on January 10.

5) Lufthansa is guilty of taking a known risk in taking off during an armed conflict despite the FAA declaring Iran a no-fly zone. The German carrier knowingly went around the FAA directive with a loophole.

A Lufthansa spokesperson told eTurboNews, the FAA directive did not apply to the carrier, because Lufthansa would not accept tickets on their Star Alliance Partner United Airlines to be used on flights to Iran.

She also pointed out  Lufthansa flight 600 bound to Teheran was ordered back to Frankfurt.

However, Lufthansa flight LH601 departed Teheran for Frankfurt. It seems like Lufthansa knew and understood the risk they were taking. Lufthansa, however, stopped their Iran flights after they left the Islamic Republic on January 8 until January 20.

6) Iran may say,  the United States is guilty of starting the escalation in killing the Iranian General in Iraq and provoking an expected hostile reaction from Iran. However, when it comes to the airline crash the United States did declare Iran a no-fly zone for a reason.

LH, OS, TK, QR, SU Airlines in Teheran should have set a positive example and responsibility for corporate greed in canceling their flights on January 8. There is a good chance such a move would have been followed by Ukraine International Airlines in also canceling their doomed flight to Kyiv.

As a result, the biggest loser in the conflict between the USA and Iran are now the lives lost of innocent human beings. They were killed in a stampede and killed in the Ukrainian International Airlines B737 crash.

Ukraine is asking Iran for compensation.

It seems like life does not matter anymore!

Unfortunately, this is not the first time hundreds had to die when a passenger plane was shot down.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was a scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was shot down on 17 July 2014 while flying over eastern Ukraine. All 283 passengers and 15 crew were killed.

Korean Air Lines Flight 007 was a scheduled flight from New York City to Seoul via Anchorage, Alaska. On 1 September 1983, the South Korean airliner servicing the flight was shot down by a Soviet Su-15 interceptor killing everyone onboard the B747

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Lufthansa had nothing much to say about the 176 killed, but issued this statement: Due to the unclear security situation for the airspace around Tehran airport, Lufthansa Group airlines are canceling flights from/to Tehran up to and including 20 January as a precautionary measure. Together with national and international authorities, Lufthansa Group Security continues to evaluate the security situation for arrivals and departures for Tehran airport and the entire Iranian airspace. As soon as we have detailed information, we will decide whether and when our Iranian flights can be operated again. We regret the inconvenience for our passengers.

The guilty verdict reflects the opinion of the author

We shot down a passenger plane but didn’t mean it