Wizzair pilot: Welcome to Moscow…or Kiev…or something like that

A Wizzair flight from London’s Luton airport to the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev took a rather humorous turn after the airplane had safely landed at Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany).

“Wizzair is delighted to welcome you to Moscow,” the airliner’s pilot bellowed over the intercom as the plane drove to the arrival gate.

Passengers on Kiev, Ukraine flight were momentarily startled by the announcement that they had arrived at their destination – Moscow, Russia.

In a short video that recorded the unexpected announcement, passengers can be heard laughing in reaction to the pilot’s error.

“My apologies,” he said after a brief pause. “Wizzair is delighted to welcome you to Kiev.”

According to the YouTube channel that uploaded the video, at least a few passengers had woken up from a nap just moments before the announcement was made – causing temporary panic that they somehow got on the wrong flight.

“They strongly believed that they boarded the wrong airplane and ended up at the wrong city. They told me that you should see our faces,” the video description explained.