World Tourism Network’s The Ageless Traveler:$ 157B Powerful

Taking a Shower at this hotel is as simple as 1,2,3,4. If your eyesight is no longer 20/20 you, as an ageless traveler will love this hospitality industry invention. This was our report on eTurboNews about a trend detected at the Hyatt Place London Heathrow Airport.

The new World Tourism Network Interest Group entitled “The Ageless Traveler” is advocating for making travel for the older generation easier, and the reward for the travel and tourism industry to cater to this multi-billion dollar group or active globetrotters is even more rewarding.

As our global population experiences a remarkable increase in longevity, projecting 3.9 trillion hours of “Time Affluence” for US boomers and fifty trillion worldwide in the next 20 years. The Ageless Traveler initiative aims to tap into the $157 billion annual spending by active mature travelers. Anticipating 1.6-2 billion trips by 2050, these travelers currently constitute 88% of premium travel service spenders (World Tourism Organization).

Over the next decade, the fastest-growing travel cohorts will be women aged 60+ and travelers over 80, with emerging groups like grandparent travel, Skip Generation trips, and carers of spouses and relatives. Catering to these diverse needs, The Ageless Traveler Consultancy and Certification Programs are positioned to be an indispensable resource for tourism and associated industries.

World Tourism Network likes to hear from travelers anywhere to share feedback, suggest improvements.

World Tourism Network likes to find out from its members in 133 countries, specifically those that cater to the “ageless generation” such as hotels, tour operators, transportation and cruise companies, and attractions.

The newly founded WTN Ageless Traveler Interest Group will share suggestions with members, arrange consulting and training, find experts to motivate participants at events. The group has an engaged social media platform open to WTN members, will offer a certification program, visbility, PR and marketing in cooperation with other members, media partners, and associations.

WTN member Adriana Berg, who started this World Tourism Network Group is a leader with years of experience having launched the Ageless Traveler Information Hub with podcasts, blogs, and consulting service based in Palm Springs, California.

She said: “It is essential to the health of the industry and the economic development of businesses and nations that rely on tourism that we cater to this immense demographic.”

Adriana Berg, Chair of the World Tourism Network Interest Group: Ageless Traveler

Driven by his experiences as a perpetual traveler, recognizing gaps in age-friendly technology, staff training, accessibility design, and itinerary creation, World Tourism Network Chairman Juergen Steinmetz asserts the need for a comprehensive approach to meet the needs of the active 60-plus adult.

Health, Wellness and Medical tourism is another active WTN interest group. Run by Mudi Astuti, who is also the WTN Chapter Chairwoman in Indonesia says: “We’re excited to work with Adriana and already penciled the Aging Traveler Group to be a “hot” topic together with Medical Tourism at TIME 2024 in Jakarta, the next World Tourism Network Summit planned for September.”

To provide feedback eTurboNews readers are invited together with members of the World Tourism Network to submit this form or contact the World Tourism Network Ageless Traveler Interest Group.

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SOURCE: The Ageless Traveler by World Tourism Network: $157B Strong BY: eTurboNews