14 employees at Spain’s airports have been detained on suspicion of stealing$ 2.2 million.

Workers at Sur- Reina Sofia, a significant foreign airport in Spain, close to Tenerife, were detained by Guardia Civil police in response to theft complaints. Fourteen aircraft employees from Spain have been detained on suspicion of stealing$ 2.2 million worth of checked luggage, including$ 14 000 in funds that authorities have recovered.
Twenty more employees are being investigated for their role in the robbery ring. Various reports about missing property that travelers had submitted led to the analysis.
Police seized an incredible 120 pieces of jewelry, 22 phones, 29 upscale watches, and 22 other electronic devices. Workers allegedly stole these items while loading and unloading belongings onto airplanes. According to reports, the suspects slowed down their work in order to compromise with backpack fasteners and gain access to the holds ‘ contents.
Police claim that the suspects resealed the zippers of the bag to hide any tampering while removing desired items from it, such as bracelets, cellphones, watches, and electronics.
According to reports, the accused people are accused of being members of a criminal organization, carrying out forcible robberies, and laundering income. 14 employees were detained at Spain Airport on suspicion of stealing$ 2.2 million. 

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