First Airbus A220 is delivered to Qantas for local planes.

The new era line has given Qantas, Australia’s regional airline, its first A220 plane, making it the 20th controller of this type. This special aircraft marks the start of the Qantas Group’s purchase for 29 A220 aircraft, which will be used by Queensland Airlines, their regional airline that serves both urban and rural areas across Australia.
The aircraft, which is decked out in a peculiar livery influenced by Indian art, will soon depart Mirabel’s Airbus assembly line. It will be flown to Sydney for shipping, stopping in Nadi, Honolulu, and Vancouver en route.
The Airbus A220 aviation will phase out and take the place of the QantasLink 717 ship. The A220 does offer non-stop connectivity between any two factors in Australia thanks to its ability to fly half as far. Additionally, when compared to older aircraft types, the A220 results in a notable 25 % reduction in both energy use and carbon pollution.
With the largest house, seats, and windows, the A220 outperforms its class and offers remarkable comfort to passengers. In their A220s, Qantas may have a full of 137 tickets, split into two groups: 10 in company and 127 in market.
The A220 is a cutting-edge aircraft with seating capacities ranging from 100 to 150. In its length category, it stands out as the most cutting-edge airliner. It can fly up to 3, 450 coastal yards or 6, 390 km without the need for refueling thanks to its state-of-the-art Pratt &amp, Whitney GTF vehicles.
The A220 can currently run on up to 50 % Sustainable Aviation Fuel ( SAF ), just like other Airbus aircraft. Airbus intends to make sure that all of its aviation may run entirely on SAF by 2030. Qantas receives the second Airbus A220 for local planes, according to the SOURCE. 

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