15 People Are Killed in a Soviet Aircraft Accident

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that an engine failure caused the military carry aircraft Ilyushin Il-76 to crash shortly after take-off.
An IL-76 military transport plane crashed during flight for a scheduled journey in the Ivanovo region at around 1:00 p.m. Moscow time, according to the Defense Ministry, according to a Russian state-run news agency.
Eight team members and seven people were on the plane overall, according to the official speech. The incident occurred in the Ivanovo Region, which is located 250 kilometers south of Moscow, the country’s capital, about 250 kilometers away.
According to the reports on-site, the catastrophe was brought on by an engine fire during the takeoff, according to the Defense Ministry’s statement.
An online video that was purportedly shot by a witness shows the plane flying at a lower level while one of its four turbofan vehicles is engulfed in flames.
According to media reports, it was reported that the captain of the helicopter attempted to return to the Ivanovo Severny air foundation but encountered difficulties in doing so, eventually colliding with the airplane near a tomb.
The heavy transport aircraft, the Il- 76, second flew in 1971, and was already in service by 1974. According to the data available, 950 flights of this type were produced by 2015. It can carry up to 140 completely equipped troops over a maximum length of 4, 200 kilometers with a load capacity of 47 loads. Russian Plane fall kills 15 people, according to eTurboNews | eTN. 

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