30 Million Visitors Are Transported by Saudi Arabia in 2023

With the function of more than 176.3 thousand flights, a 4 % increase over the past year, and the vehicles of over 30 million customers, Saudi Arabia’s national flag provider, has continued its change in 2023. In contrast to 2019, travel planes increased by 77 % in 2023.
These successes are the result of Saudia’s strategic improvements to its operating model, which focused on increasing seat power and flight frequency while promoting operational efficiency to attain an overall on-time efficiency of 86.44 % in 2023, ranking among the top 10 globally.
By transporting over 16.7 million people through its foreign journey system, Saudi Arabia has significantly increased by 36 %, playing a crucial part in connecting the world to the Kingdom. More than 79.4 thousand international planes were conducted by the airline, an increase of 19 % over the past year. With 382 thousand flights scheduled for 2023, Saudi Arabia has also noted a 26 % increase in flight hours.
Saudi Arabia continued to provide services to the Kingdom internally by moving over 13.5 million people, representing a 7 % increase over the previous year. Additionally, 163 thousand flight hours, or 55 % of the entire flights operated, totaling 96.9 thousand flights, were devoted to home destinations.
In addition to opening many international channels, including Beijing, China, Birmingham, the United Kingdom, and Johannesburg, South Africa, Saudi Arabia has also begun operations at the Red Sea International Airport in 2023, reiterating its commitment to broaden its international approach across different continents.
CEO of Saudia Group Captain Ibrahim Koshy stated:
” Sudia’s expanding performance measures reflect the best execution of our year-round operational plan, especially during peak months,” according to a statement.
These numbers show how well we have served important industries like hospitality, enterprise, and pilgrimage.
Looking forward, we anticipate a sizable growth in our ship, enhancing our efficiency and ushering in new era for Saudi Arabia since its founding, eighty years ago,” He continued.
With a different ships of 142 aircraft, Saudi Arabia now operates flights to more than 100 locations on four continents. Saudi Arabia wants to build a core gateway that connects the East and the West for transport planes by making proper investments in King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. This is consistent with the firm’s devotion to enhance customer satisfaction through the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and digital systems, as well as the introduction of a system infrastructure that will increase operational effectiveness and punctuality.
Saudi Arabia will transport 30 million visitors in 2023, according to eTurboNews.eTN 

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