More planes to Hawaii depart from Pago Paga, Austin, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other cities.

Hawaii-based Hawaiian Airlines is preparing for high demand in summer travel to and from Hawaii by increasing the number of flights between Honolulu ( HNL ) and Austin ( AUS), Boston ( BOS), Las Vegas ( LAS ), and Pago Paigo ( PPG). The airline will also operate a fourth daily flight between HNL and Los Angeles ( LAX ) from May 24 to September2.
Due to the high demand for the brand in Southern California, Hawaiian Airlines will even offer a third daily HNL- Weak flight this year.
On certain flights between Los Angeles International Airport ( LAX ) and Honolulu ( HNL ), Hawaiian Airlines will use an Airbus A330 plane and their flagship Boeing 787- 9 aircraft. Meals from the airport’s Featured Chef Series, energizing beverages from Maui Brewing Co. and K Hana Rum, as well as delectable snacks from a meal cart, will be available to passengers. Free in-flight entertainment is available on all transatlantic flights, and Hana Hou! is a particularly tailored video collection. Television.
Changes to Hawaiian Airlines Summer Service:
• AUSTIN: From May 24 to August 2, adding one weekly flight on Fridays ( totaling four flights weekly )
• BOSTON: From May 23 to August 1, adding one regular flight on Thursdays to a total of five flights per week.
• LAS VEGAS ( HA5/6 ): Increasing to daily service (up from four weekly flights to a total of three daily flights ) | May 24–July 28
• LOS ANGELES: From May 24 through September 2, a fifth regular flight will be added.
More Hawaii Airlines from Austin, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Pago Pato BY: eTurboNews | iTN | • PAGO PaGO: The addition of one regular flight on Wednesday ( totaling three planes regular ) | May 22- September4SOURCE 

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