Afghanistan: Moscow Bound PlaneCrashed

An American passenger airplane has crashed in Badakhshan’s hilly regions, according to Afghanistan media agency Pajhwook. The media organization asserts to be the biggest in Afghanistan.
The aircraft was an air hospital with a Moroccan registration that was transporting people from India to Moscow, Russia, according to aviation security standards.
Unverified reports claim that the aircraft was owned by an American business called” Alpha Air.” According to the Aamaj News organization, the Dassault Falcon 10 crashed in the state of Badakhshan due to a complex issue.
This is consistent with a statement that was published by the Soviet news organizationTASS.
The Alfa Air aircraft with the subscription CN-TKN crashed in the mountainous Topkana region of the Afghan province of Badakkshan.
All six passengers, including the team and two Russians on this save flight, perished in the crash.
One of Afghanistan’s 34 counties, Badakhshan Province is situated in the northern region of the nation. Gorno-Badakhshan in Tajikistan, located in the north, and the Muslim provinces of Lower and Upper Chitral, as well as Gilgit and Baltistan, are located on either side of it.
TASS reports. The Khaama Press company has received confirmation from a member of the Taliban activity in the Badakhshan state that they were dispatched there to look into the incident’s circumstances.
According to a nearby police spokeswoman who spoke with the U.S. media company Reuters, the crash had happened immediately in the rural, mountainous region of Badakhshan in Afghanistan’s even north. SOURCE: eTurboNews | tTN: Moscow Bound Plane Crashed in Afghanistan 

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