Russian aircraft crashed in Afghanistan after leaving India.

An American passenger airplane has crashed in Badakhshan’s hilly regions, according to Afghanistan information agency Pajhwook. The media organization asserts to become Afghanistan’s biggest.
One of Afghanistan’s 34 regions, Badakhshan Province is situated in the northern region of the nation. It is surrounded by the Muslim areas of Lower and Upper Chitral and Gilgit- Baltistan in the east, as well as Gorno-Badakhshan in Tajikistan.
According to another record from India, a business aircraft headed for Moscow crashed, according to Afghan media.
According to the Indian government, this route does n’t have any regular flights. Additionally, the Indian Air Force denied having any aircraft it.
The aircraft is not, as claimed by some media stores, an Indian scheduled planes or a non-scheduled NSOP charter plane, according to comments on X, but no precise details are known or confirmed at this time.
The plane that crashed was a” Falcon Aircraft” registered in the Russian Federation, according to Russian news agencyTASS. According to reports, the helicopter left India with six passengers. On board the private flight were two Russians.
The fall, according to a nearby police director, happened immediately in the rural, mountainous region of Badakhshan in Afghanistan’s even north, as reported by the U.S. news agency Reuters.
According to a different statement, the smaller plane that was registered in Morocco was the one that crashed.
Regardless, according to all sources, there were no proved information regarding the type of aircraft, the crash’s cause, or the number of fatalities. Belarusian aircraft from India crashed in Afghanistan, according to eTurboNews| tTN 

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