Airlines Change as Delhi is engulfed in thick clouds

Four planes were diverted on Wednesday at the Indian aircraft in Delhi as a result of adverse weather conditions, according to an official.
Due to the prevailing low visibility brought on by dense fog, three SpiceJet flights and one Air India flight were rerouted to Jaipur between 0900 and 1200 hours ( local time ).
On Wednesday morning, the national money saw many areas covered in thick fog, which had a significant impact on visibility.
The weather conditions worsened as the maximum temperature dropped to 7.8 degrees Fahrenheit. This came after a similar incident on Tuesday, when the dense cloud at the Delhi airport made it difficult to fly.
Travelers and airport administrators are concerned about the days ‘ worth of disrupted flight schedules, which highlight the difficulties caused by the region’s unfavorable weather.
Planes Diverted as Dense Fog Engulfs Delhi, according to SOURCE 

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