Airlines from Lufthansa to San Francisco were postponed until March 22.

Air travelers traveling from Frankfurt to San Francisco on Star Alliance Member Lufthansa German Airlines are now rebooking on United Airlines or using Lufthansa to connect with US airlines on US gateways and connecting with United Airlines.
There are now no more set flights on the German flag ship between FRA and SFO until March 22.
There are no strikes right now, but cancellations for this course are still being made even though Lufthansa is quoting the Verde union’s continuous labour dispute.
The real purpose is, according to reports in Aerotelegraph, that Lufthansa is no longer employing sufficient pilot crew to sail the Boeing 747 – 8 to California.
The 747- 8 is the country’s longest presently- operating passenger aircraft, surpassing the Airbus A340- 600 by 3.1 feet.
According to Lufthansa, the cancellations of flights to San Francisco became essential after taking steps to restore balance in staff planning.
After apologizing, Lufthansa depends on the knowledge of people.
SOURCE: Lufthansa San Francisco Airlines Delayed until March 22 BY: eTurboNews | eTN 

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