Airport Cairns Shut Down

There are currently 4,500 visitors in the area, including 400 emergency crew members, according to Tourism Tropical North Queensland ( TTNQ ) Chief Executive Officer Mark Olsen. He said:
The area has lost an estimated$ 60 million in cancellations and forward bookings since December 5. We have another challenging year ahead of us as we evaluate the harm and plan our course of action.
The airport has experienced 307 mm of rain in the last 24 hours, and it is anticipated that it wo n’t reopen until Tuesday at the earliest while more rain is still expected. Guests had hoped to go for the holidays, but at this time of year, the rains and floods are disrupting flights.
Additionally, the city is submerged, and there is a need to address an immediate emergency because the water supply has been contaminated. Due to flooding, which has turned the area into a precise area, highways to Cairns have also been blocked.
Cyclone Jasper is to blame for the rain bombs, which have left 600 mm of rain in the last 40 days and 300 more to travel today.
” Please do not go to the airport today,” airport officials advised.
The Cairns Airport site announced that it plans to reopen on Tuesday, December 19, with a formal release at 8:00 am the following day.
A group of roughly 300 people was ordered to leave today to Cooktown, which is 80 kilometers away, because about 14, 000 people are unable to survive without electricity. People of M are relocating to resorts that have been converted into hospitals.
A young girl ( 10 ) was in critical condition after being struck by lightning, and a man ( 30 ) died who was discovered unconscious next to downed power lines, according to reports from Queensland Police.
In order to rebuild and recover from the devastating flooding that has occurred in Cairns, the CEO of Tropical North Queensland Tourism predicts that travel and tourism will require help.
Cairns Airport Locked Down- Storms Submerge Aircraft SOURCE 

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