Regular planes from Hong Kong to Seoul, Yonago, and Hakodate have been added.

To meet the high demand for year-end and Lunar New Year travel, Hong Kong Airlines did start operating annual planes to Yonago and Hakodate from currently until February 2024. Additionally, the aircraft has increased its speed of flights to Seoul from four days per week to regular starting on December 17th, giving people more freedom in their vacation arrangements.
More than 400 people were transported to Yonago and Hakodate for their winter holidays at the first absences, which took place at 7:55 am and 11:30 am.
The management team and Mr. Jevey Zhang, the president of Hong Kong Airlines, were invited to attend the celebration at Yonago Kitaro Airport.
On days when flights are in operation, Yonago Kitaro Airport may provide a special shuttle bus services between the airport and Yomogo City, giving passengers an additional easy and seamless move experience in addition to the annual flight service.
Hong Kong Airlines commemorated the event by launching its first annual road to Showing on the same day, solidifying its placement as the only native airline offering non-stop flights between the two cities.
Flights from Hong Kong Airlines to Seoul have constantly been in high demand and have kept passenger numbers stable. The airport has effectively increased the frequency of this way to improve connectivity between the two destinations. The number of airlines to Seoul has been increased to a normal service as of December 17th, replacing the past four times weekly schedule. The use of the A330- 300 wide-body aircraft, which offers more than 300 airy seats, has made this improvement possible. As a result, more individuals are now able to enjoy and improve their flight experience.
By adding fresh places, Hong Kong Airlines is currently in the process of growing its aircraft system. The airport has added new pathways to Beijing Daxing, Fukuoka, Nagoya; Phuket; and Hakodate throughout the year. Also, it has resumed flights to a number of well-known cities, including Sanya, Chongqing, Bali, Kumamoto, and Yonago. The airline may offer services to a full of 25 locations by starting annual flights to the Island in January. SOURCE: Daily Flights from Hong Kong to Seoul, Yonago, and HakodateAdded 

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