American Traveler Detained in Singapore for Creating a Bomb Threat While Flying

American federal Hawkins Kevin Francis, 30, was recently sentenced to six months in prison by a Singaporean court for threatening to use false bombs while flying to Perth.
On a Scoot journey with 11 staff members and 363 people, the incident happened.
Francis, who admitted guilt to the charge of making false risks of terrorist acts, was said to have experienced a major depressive disorder and recurrence of schizophrenia during the show, which was supported by the Institute of Mental Health’s statement that was presented in court.
The prosecutor argued that Francis was aware of his actions when he fraudulently claimed there was a weapon on the journey, despite his mental health issues. Francis, who was traveling with his family, approached cabin crew members soon after the seat belt mark was turned off and claimed to have a weapon, which caused the aircraft to turn around and return to Singapore an hour later.
Investigation revealed that Francis had given the staff the impression that his nasal inhaler was a “bomb,” which caused the flight to be diverted.
The intensity of Francis ‘ false risk is reflected in the judge’s ruling, which takes into account both the effects on the flight operations and the deliberateness of his activities despite his mental health condition.
American holiday detained in Singapore after threatening to detonate a bomb while flying. 

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