Mexicana de Aviacion Airline Revives Mexican Army

On Tuesday, the Mexican authorities announced the re-launch of the original state flight Mexicana de Aviacion, announcing their plans to increase operations by 10 more aircraft over the next 12 months.
Today, New Mexicana’s first flight on the Boeing 737-800 departed from Felipe Angeles International Airport ( AIFA ), which is north of Mexico City, for Tulum, a well-known Caribbean beach resort, where the sun kisses the shores.
Defense Minister Luis Cresencio Sandoval stated that the firm’s military-run holding company now owns three aviation and is renting two of them, but plans to add 10 more through leasing agreements next year. According to Sandoval, the more occupied aircraft may show up in the first several months of 2024.
The New Mexicana airport plans to fly passengers from different Latino cities to well-known vacation spots like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Zihuatanejo, Acapulco, and Mazatlan. Trips are likely to happen every three to four days, mostly on vacation, according to the flight plan.
Mexicana also hopes to offer flights to 16 local airports that are already underserved and have little to no air service in the future.
The military-run airport AIFA, which President Lopez Obrador of Mexico opened in 2022, will serve as the base from which Mexicana may do flight operations.
According to Defense Minister Luis Cresencio Sandoval, the military-operated flight holding company currently owns three aircraft and is leasing two more with the intention of purchasing an extra 10 airplane through licensing agreements next month. The additional leased aircraft are anticipated to arrive earlier in 2024, according to Sandoval.
Through its recently established company, the Mexico Defense Ministry today also oversees a number of activities, including numerous airports, hotels, trains, national customs services, and tourist attractions.
General Sandoval asserts that in developed countries, it is usual for the military to manage such a wide range of businesses.
Only a few nations, including Cuba, Sri Lanka, Argentina, and Colombia, now have military-run carriers.
Without revealing how some Mexicana is interested in purchasing, Sandoval said that Revived Mexican Airlines is also in talks with Boeing to place an order for fresh aircraft that could get about two decades to be incorporated into the ships.
According to Sandoval, Boeing and the freshly revived Mexicana airline are now discussing the purchase of new aircraft. It is anticipated that the process of incorporating these aircraft into Mexicana’s ships will take about two years. The precise number of aircraft that Mexicana is looking to buy, nevertheless, was never made public.
After being privatized for a while, Mexicana declared debt in 2010. The Mexicana product, however, was purchased by the Mexican government for$ 48 million in August. It will be revived, and Hispanic travelers will have access to affordable transportation options, according to President Obrador.
SOURCE: The Mexican Army resurrects the Aviacion Airline. 

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