At LAX, LGA, and JFK flights, Delta Digital ID is now available.

Now that LAX, LGA, and JFK flights are open, Delta Air Lines individuals can fly through them more quickly, which is ideal timing for the impending holiday season.
Customers can now enjoy a practical and smart airport experience thanks to Delta Digital ID, which was introduced in 2021 at the airline’s hubs in Detroit and Atlanta. This cutting-edge technology, created in association with the Transportation Security Administration ( TSA ), will now be used at three significant coastal hubs.
Users can pass through security checkpoints and case fall with greater convenience and efficiency thanks to Delta Digital ID, which uses facial recognition technology to replace regular record inspections carried out by brokers. Customers who meet the following criteria are eligible for this extra function:
Become a member of TSA PreCheck®
have a Known Traveler Number and passport information saved in their Delta page.
Have a SkyMiles membership ( free )
Use the Fly Delta game.
If a customer meets the requirements, they will be notified via the Fly Delta app if they are arriving from any of the following airports: John F. Kennedy International Airport ( JFK, starting on December 14), Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport ( ATL), Detroit Metro Airport(DTW), Los Angeles International Air ( LAX ), or LaGuardia Airport. The Delta Digital ID may be added to their SkyMiles page after they’ve decided to participate, but they have the option to withdraw at any time. Delta does no keep or keep any genetic data.
Customers can avoid the need for a physical ID by using Delta Digital ID when checking bags and undergoing security ( after the post-launch verification period ). Customers only need to locate the designated range with the natural Delta Digital ID icon, scan the cameras at the security checkpoint or bag drop, and enter their online identity rather than their actual ID to use this feature.
Customers save an average of 1.5 minutes on Delta Digital ID transactions at case fall as opposed to the typical two moments. Depending on the number of airports, safety traces may save time in different ways. Consumers using Delta Digital ID outperform other Fly Delta software users by two decimal profits in terms of check-in and surveillance activities.
Even though the physical matching algorithms are extremely accurate, if they are unable to identify a customer, the government-issued ID of the customer will be examined by trained agents.
Due to its time-saving advantages, Delta Digital ID has become very popular among qualified buyers at ATL and DTW. As a result, starting in January, Digital ID will be expanded to the international terminal ( ATL-F) in Atlanta.
Users can anticipate substantial advantages during the upcoming active year-end travel time with the introduction of Digital ID at LAX, LGA, and JFK. Delta plans to expand the systems to more centres in 2024. SOURCE: LAX, LGA, and JFK terminals then accept Delta DigitalID. 

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