Azul TecOps are Approved by EASA to Service EU-Registered Aircraft

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency ( EASA ) has granted certification to provide aircraft and component maintenance services to businesses in the European Union through Azul TecOps, an organization established in Azul in April 2023. This accreditation enables Azul TecOps to offer repair services, abilities, and technical skills to European Union- based companies.
The authorization, which is valid for a duration of 2 years and can be extended, was granted under the bilateral agreement established between the National Civil Aviation Agency ( Anac ) and EASA. This agreement’s goal is to simplify the approval procedure for maintenance organizations by removing duplicate documentation and surveillance requirements.
Flávio Costa, Azul’s Technical Vice President, stated that the qualification procedure involved several factors. These included developing a guide that complied with both Portuguese legal guidelines and EASA’s particular needs. Also, Azul conducted intensive training for over 750 team members across specialized, support, and operational departments. Costa emphasized the importance of internal reviews, which completely validated all treatments. Throughout many months, Azul undertook several arrangements, analyses, demonstrations, and coaching sessions.
Azul TecOps, embracing over 15 years of operational understanding and technical skills, is expanding its companies worldwide. These companies, which were previously only offered to Portuguese businesses, can now be provided to all of Europe. This development opens up new markets for customers as well as substantial revenue opportunities. The EASA acceptance, according to Flavio Costa, serves as a testament to Azul TecOps’ service ‘ excellent quality and excellence.
Located opposite to Viracopos aircraft in Campinas, Azul’s major airport is the largest of its kind in Latin America, spanning an amazing 35, 000 square feet. The aircraft, which has been in operation for almost four years, has a remarkable power that can handle three lines for big maintenance, one for modifications, and two lines for specific stops, catering to all models of the Azul fleet. The diverse not only serves as a maintenance hotspot, but also houses many sessions, including those for tyres and brake, machines, structures, batteries, air, and emergency equipment. Various specialized services, such as engine borescopy, aircraft weighing, NDT, CVR and DFDR data reading, placard manufacturing, and decaling, are also performed on- site.
Azul’s maintenance facilities in Belo Horizonte, specifically at Pampulha airport, are also included in the EASA approval. These facilities include several hangars for aircraft maintenance and various workshops. The occupied area for servicing ATR, Embraer 195 E1, Boeing, and Pilatus fleets spans over 14, 000 square meters. There are a total of five lines dedicated to heavy maintenance, special stops, and preservation. SOURCE: EASA Approves Azul TecOps to Service EU- Registered Aircraft BY: eTurboNews | eTN 

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