Hong Kong Airlines Resuming Airlines from Hong Kong to Saipan

Hong Kong Airlines announced that it would once again offer its customers the convenience of daily flights to Saipan. Airbus A330 plane will be used to fly between Hong Kong and Saipan International Airports twice per week. Hong Kong Airlines now has the distinction of being the only native provider that offers direct flights on this specific route thanks to this restoration.
Saipan, the capital and largest island, makes up the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands ( CNMI ), which consists of 14 tropical islands. Saipan is famous for its frequent light, clear lakes, and a variety of water sports. It is renowned for its marble rocks, including the Blue Grotto, and its diving locations. Managaha Island, located on the west side, has beautiful white sandy beaches and is often called’ Lover’s Island’. The northern edge of Bongai Cliff offers spectacular views of the clouds and the water in addition to a major historical background.
Since the start of the Saipan course in 2016, Hong Kong Airlines has been offering people more options for traveling to exotic islands. The business is pleased to report that this route’s procedures have resumed, which were briefly suspended in late 2019. By reintroducing planes to Saipan, Hong Kong Airlines may expand its system in the Asia-Pacific region, giving travelers a wider range of vacation options, and strengthening Hong Kong’s position as a major international aircraft hub.
The flight schedule from Hong Kong to Saipan is as follows ( All times local ):
Aircraft Number
19: 35
02: 35+1
Thurs, Sun
04: 05
07: 00
Mon, Fri
With its main gateway at Hong Kong International Airport and headquarters in the Tung Chung region, Hong Kong Airlines Limited, which is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Airlines, has operations in Hong Kong. It joined the HNA Group in 2006, and it now serves 25 places in the Asia Pacific. SOURCE: Hong Kong Airlines Resumes Hong Kong to Saipan Flights BY: eTurboNews | eTN 

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