Boeing 737 Max: New Safety Concern

Boeing has given Airline instructions to check their rudder-control systems for any possible soft bolts when operating the contentious Boeing 737 Max aircraft.
A bolt without a nut was discovered by an unnamed global airline last week during routine maintenance, according to The Seattle Times.
After receiving this information, the FAA announced that it was” carefully monitoring targeted checks of 737 Max plane to look for a possible loose pin in the steering control system.”
The statement added that this was done after consulting with the FAA and that Boeing had issued a Multi-Operator Information ( MOM) urging operators of newer single-aisle airplanes to inspect particular tie rods that control wheel movement for potential soft equipment.
According to the FAA’s record on the aviation industry, an unworkable aircraft with an poorly tightened nut was discovered.
The FAA is asking flights to check their approved safety management techniques for any loose components that may have recently been discovered and to give the organization information on how fast these inspections can be finished for the 737.
According to the Seattle Times, Boeing advised providers to examine their 737 Max “out of an abundance of prudence” despite the lack of “in-service incidents” brought on by likely free hardware.
It was mentioned that as part of the preflight inspections, the flight crew inspects each aircraft’s steering and different systems before taking off.
SOURCE: The Boeing 737 Max is now under innovative health concerns. 

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