How Cathay Pacific Flights Were Canceled by Seasonal Flu

Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s top flight, has been forced to reschedule 34 flights this year as a result of an unexpected influx of seasonal flu among its pilots.
The Hong Kong Standard reported the cancellations, which affected important roads connecting important Asian business and tourism centers. Among those disrupted were flights to and from towns of Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Dubai, Delhi, and Dhaka.
Less than 1 % of Cathay Pacific’s complete flights were cancelled as a result of an increase in the number of aircraft getting sick with seasonal symptoms since mid-December, the company clarified.
This came after 16 planes were cancelled over the Christmas season, including important long-distance flights to London and Amsterdam. Up until New Year’s Eve, an extra 28 planes were postponed.
The airline assured the public that despite these refunds, their entire operations continued as usual, with an discovered increase in the number of flights during the holiday season.
Bloomberg cited a cause from Cathay Pacific who emphasized the airline’s dedication to reducing disruptions and expressed regret to impacted customers.
Cathay’s captain matter significantly decreased, from 3, 885 in Q4 of 2019 to 2, 532 as of December of last year, according to reports from the Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association. The airline apologized for the trouble and vowed to take all necessary precautions to prevent further problems.
Operational difficulties for Cathay Pacific have been exacerbated by the sudden pilot shortage brought on by cyclical illnesses, which has caused disruptions during busy times and raised questions about the airline’s long-term service reliability.
SOURCE: Cathay Pacific Flights Cancelled Due to Seasonal Flu 

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