Boeing Names New Chief Operating Officer

Boeing has now named Stephanie Pope as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of The Boeing Company. Pope did document to Dave Calhoun, the president and CEO of Boeing, as of January 1, 2024.
Pope will be in charge of ensuring the success of the agency’s three business models in his capacity as COO of Boeing. This includes promoting quality throughout the whole business in fields like supply chain management, quality control, production, and engineering. Along with the President of Boeing Global and the Chief Engineer of each company product, Pope may have direct control over them. The top corporate practical leaders will also report to Calhoun, though.
At a later time, Pope’s leader as CEO of Boeing Global Services will be revealed.
In April 2022, Stephanie Pope assumed the positions of president and CEO of Boeing Global Services. She is in charge of developing and delivering jet services to clients in the global business, government, and aerospace sectors. Pope focuses on a variety of topics, including global supply chain and part supply, maintenance and modification of aircraft, digital solutions, aftermarket executive, analytics, and training.
Pope previously held the position of CFO for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Pope has held a number of leadership roles with increasing role across all three business models, including initiatives and at the corporate level, during her nearly thirty-year career at Boeing. Boeing titles a new chief operating officer, according to SOURCE