Qatar Airways CEO Named to IATA Board of Governors

Engr. The Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways Group, Badr Mohammed Al-Meher, has been elected to the International Air Transport Association’s ( IATA ) Board of Governors.
The International Air Transport Association ( IATA ), which represents about 320 airlines or 83 % of all air traffic, is the international trade association for airlines. The main goal of IATA is to promote flights around the world, taking the lead in promoting and supporting the flight sector.
Engr. As a member of the Arab Air Carriers ‘ Organization’s ( AACO ) Executive Committee, Badr Al-Meer will be able to contribute his extensive knowledge and expertise in the aviation industry. He will constantly contribute to the association’s efforts to develop safe, protected, and long-lasting air travel in the future. Engr. worked with the group’s individuals. Through air go, Badr Al-Meer may work to connect and improve our world.
AACO, which represents a complete of 34 companies, serves as the local institution for Arab Airlines. Its main goal is to encourage member cooperation in a variety of important areas, such as aeropolitical issues, environmental conservation, and teaching initiatives made possible by its local training center. Engr. In AACO’s efforts to collaborate with regional and international agencies, both political and non-governmental institutions, as well as airlines, manufacturers, and service providers, Badr Al-Meek finds his extensive knowledge in the aviation industry to be extremely valuable.
2023 November 5, Engr. After more than ten years as the Chief Operating Officer at Hamad International Airport, Badr Al-Merge took over the place of GCEO at Qatar Airways. He was instrumental in leading important airport milestone initiatives while serving at HIA, Qatar’s main airport and foreign entry point.
Engr. From 2018 to 2020, Badr Al-Meer served as a Board Director of the Airports Council International in the Asia/Pacific Place. He was instrumental in determining the future growth and conservation of flights.
Engr. Throughout his career, Badr Al-Meher has played a key role in important jobs in Qatar. His background in aviation and task management makes him the ideal leader to guide Qatar Airways Group into an exciting new age of technology and develop a cohesive and determined workforce. He has just been named Group CEO. CEO of Qatar Airways is appointed to the IATA Board of Governors.