China Test Fly Aircraft for Tourism Sector, Urban Services

China’s regionally- built AS700 legal manned airship just completed its annual ferry flight in Hubei Province, main China. The first heat vehicle is scheduled to be delivered before the year is over. After a one-hour and 46-minute flight, the airship made its way to an airport in Jingzhou, according to the Aviation Industry Corporation of China ( AVIC ), the developer.
The aircraft site’s main designer stated that the airship showcased exceptional maneuverability and that the flight properly confirmed the AS700’s flight communication, facility loading, get- off, and landing capabilities. This provides a good foundation for upcoming longer-distance and energy flights.
Potential clients across various sectors, including the tourism industry, have already shown involvement in the AS700 aircraft.
After obtaining the type certification in China last month, the AS700 has received requests for 18 aircraft products. The low-altitude sightseeing hospitality industry has a large number of clients, most of whom are from this sector. The growth team behind the aircraft intends to increase it to enhance its range of uses, such as disaster recovery, industrial public services, and other sectors.
The AS700 is a state-of-the-art civilian airship, according to AVIC, and it was built in accordance with the Civil Aviation Administration of China ( CAAC ) airworthiness standards. Additionally, the engineer possesses promotional software rights over this manned aircraft.
The guarded aircraft, which consists of a second capsule, can hold up to 10 individuals, including the pilot. Its maximum take- off weight is 4, 150 kg, it can cover a distance of up to 700 km during a flight, and it can remain airborne for a maximum duration of 10 hours.
The development team’s numerous technological advancements were made possible by the AS700 project. Notable accomplishments included the creation of a light and affordable capsule airship configuration as well as the development of related flight control technologies. Additionally, it is the first airship in the nation to receive type certification from civil aviation authorities, making it the first of its kind.
Due to its vast market and dense city clusters, China’s low-altitude economy exceeded 500 billion yuan in 2023 and is projected to reach 2 trillion yuan by 2030. Consequently, the AS700 airship is experiencing favorable prospects in this strategic emerging industry. In order to expand the potential commercial uses of this new airship, the development team will prioritize the development of low-altitude sightseeing services and other demonstration scenarios. SOURCE: China Test Flies Airship for Tourism Sector, Urban Services BY: eTurboNews | eTN 

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