Earthquake in Japan: Is It Safe to Go?

At least 48 people have died and many properties have been destroyed by flames and landslides as a result of the latest big 7.4 magnitude quake and aftershocks in Japan.
A Chinese navy plane headed to Niigata Airport was struck by a Japan Airlines journey during the emergency of the Japan earthquake. At Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, the rider aircraft touched down in flames.
Five out of every six persons on the navy plane are still missing, despite the evacuation of all 379 passengers and crew.
First images from inside the destroyed planes that caught fire at Tokyo International Airport# Japan by BreakingNews. Screaming can be heard. # Tsunami #pic of an earthquake. On January 2, 2024, Hsnain ( @Hshniin901 ) tweets at
Storm Admonishments?
Lower-level warnings for other areas were issued on Monday in response to a major storm warning for the Ishikawa prefecture in Japan’s central western coast.
Afterwards, the warning was lifted, but coastal residents were warned not to profit right away. There have been reports of waves that are over a metre high and have an effect on travel and services.
By Tuesday, some areas still lacked water, electricity, and cell phone connection despite restored teach services and shut down highways. Japan is still on high alert for possible new disasters.
Japan Earthquake Affected Regions
Several areas along Japan’s Sea of Japan coast experienced a series of earthquakes, which also affected the Iki and Tsushima Islands as well as the prefectures of Ishikawa, Yamagata, Niigatan, Toyama, Fukui, and Hyogo. These earthquakes started on New Year’s Day close to the Ishikawa coast on Noto.
The effected areas are well-known for their holiday destinations, which include lacquerware, traditional crafts, and sites with a rich cultural history.
Travel Tips
Disrupted transportation links and warnings from the UK Foreign Office about possible waves in Japan
A warning advisory has been issued by the UK Foreign Office regarding the potential for further tremors in light of recent seismic activity in Japan. There have been disruptions to travel sites in the affected regions.
The Foreign Office has urged visitors to these areas to follow local authorities ‘ safety measure guidelines. Moreover, they are urged to stay informed by reputable sources like NHK World News, Japan Meteorological Agency, and Japan National Tourism Agency.
The expert emphasizes the significance of attention and staying informed while in the affected areas in light of geological problems that have affected several areas in Japan.
SOURCE: Is It Safe to Travel After the Japan Earthquake? 

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