Etihad and Travelport Renew Content Distribution Agreement
Etihad and Travelport Renew Content Distribution Agreement

Etihad and Travelport Extend Content Distribution Agreement

Travelport and Etihad Airways, the UAE’s national airline based in Abu Dhabi, have extended and broadened their content distribution agreement, encompassing New Distribution Capability (NDC) content and servicing.

Under this long-term agreement, Travelport customers will retain uninterrupted access to the extensive and expanding global travel network of Etihad Airways via the Travelport+ platform. This deal strengthens the partnership between Travelport and Etihad Airways, enabling them to work together to deliver NDC content and services to Travelport-connected agencies. Furthermore, Etihad will maintain its involvement in Travelport’s rich content and branding program, as well as their digital media marketing product solutions, including sponsored flights.

Arik De, Chief Revenue and Commercial Officer of Etihad Airways, stated that their partnership with Travelport will result in an expanded distribution strategy, benefiting both travel agencies and travelers worldwide. Through the renewed agreement, Etihad will continue to provide its agency partners with access to a wide range of content, fares, and upcoming products and services, thereby enhancing the overall travel experience for their guests.

Jason Clarke, Chief Commercial Officer, Travel Partners at Travelport, expressed that the recent agreement with Etihad Airways enhances their NDC portfolio and provides Travelport+ users with a comprehensive solution to effortlessly search, sell, and handle Etihad Airways content from various sources. The NDC solution is designed to support travel retailers with seamless end-to-end servicing capabilities, enabling agents to effortlessly manage trip changes for any booking. Travelport+ remains committed to delivering the expected value to its customers.