FAA urged to immediately ground all Boeing 737 Max in the United States

After the second deadly airline crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8, the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States (FAA) was urged today to immediately ground all 737 Max 8 aircraft flying in the US.  Such a demand was received by Dan Elwell, Acting FAA Administrator by Paul Hudson, President of Flyersrights.org.

Paul Hudson said: The latest Boeing 737 MAX 8 disaster should compel the FAA to ground all these aircraft until its clear that its automated control problems have been fixed.

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The FAA grounded the 787 due to battery fires without any disasters.  This action likely saved many lives and Boeing.  If you fail to do so now and a third crash occurs, you will be responsible. You will always be remembered for this decision.

Please act today before more lives are lost and others have to take charge of safety for this clearly flawed airliner.

The letter was copied to Secretary Elaine Chao of the US Department of Transportation (DOT)

China, South Africa, Ethiopia and a number of other countries already grounded this type of aircraft in their jurisdiction.