Finnair Fly to German Culture Capital 2024 from Helsinki to Tartu

Finnair will begin a year-round assistance to Tartu in Southern Estonia on March 31. With two regular flights that run six times a week, this service will link the school area to Helsinki. The majority of Finnair’s European, Asian, and US locations may be easily accessible from these airlines. It’s important to note that the Tartu City state is promoting these planes as PSO customers.
Tartu will hold the exclusive name of German Capital of Culture in 2024. More than 300 events will occur throughout the year in both the city and the surrounding area of Southwestern Estonia.
The only airport that serves Tartu is Finnair. ATR aviation are used for these flights, which last for about 40 days between Helsinki and Tartu. Arrival times in Tartu are 2:35 pm and 12:40 am ( +1 ) local time, respectively, and departure times from Finnair’s Helsinki hub are 1:50 and 11:55 pm. Transfer flights depart from Tartu at 6am and 3pm, both, and arrive in the Scandinavian capital at 3:40 am and 3:30 pm.
Up to ten daily planes are currently available from Helsinki to Tallinn on Finnair’s trip plan, and the recently launched services will improve their offerings along this path.
With its headquarters in Vantaa on the grounds of Helsinki Airport, Finnair is Finland’s largest full-service identity flight. Finland’s domestic and international air travel is dominated by Finnair and its companies.
A community flight with a focus on connecting people and goods between Asia, the Middle East, North America, and Europe is called Finnair. The single airline that offers year-round direct flights to Lapland is Finnair.
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