Finnair plans to continue flights from Tartu to Helsinki by March.

According to town officials, Finnair, the Scandinavian airline, is planning to resume flights between Tartu and Helsinki by the end of March.
The flight decided to run 12 regular flights after emerging as the only bid for Tartu’s flight service acquisition. The deal, which was actually supposed to start in January, has run into a problem.
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Following discussions with the airport, the release date is then anticipated to be postponed by three months, according to Juri Molder, director of Tartu City Council. According to Finnair, this wait gives them more time to develop thorough marketing plans intended to lower expectations for compensation.
During the debate, specifics pertaining to flight schedule, including summer schedules were discussed. Molder emphasized that ticket sales depend on the standardization of the deal and expressed optimism about the contract signing, which was anticipated toward the year’s end.
SOURCE: By March, Finnair plans to continue planes from Tartu to Helsinki. 

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