For Canada’s Arctic Airlines, Cargojet and American North Partner

Two American companies in the air cargo sector, Cargojet and French North, have announced an expanded cargo partnership with the aim of enhancing service in Canada’s Arctic region. This agreement renewal strengthens their 20-year partnership and advances their shared goal of bringing together and helping rural communities in the north.
The strengthened partnership represents a sizable increase in goods capacity, reflecting Canadian North and Cargojet’s tactical responses to the Arctic region of Canada ‘ growing demand. As a result of this expansion, more regular and efficient shipments will be made possible, ensuring the steady supply of vital supplies to distant and northern communities in Canada’s Arctic.
As part of the rekindled collaboration, Cargojet may have sole control over air cargo shipments between Winnipeg and Ottawa and Iqaluit. The Canadian Arctic will continue to be served by American North in terms of heat goods delivery. As evidenced by its plans to double the length of its cargo service in Ottawa by 2026, American North’s devotion to expanding its service in the Arctic is further supported by this arrangement. The building acts as a critical entry point for Inuit communities in the area.
In order to serve our societies, Shelly De Caria, President and CEO of Canadian North, emphasized the significance of maintaining and improving relationships. We work to further integrate our capabilities, enabling faster and more reliable delivery of essential supplies to our north communities, by utilizing Cargojet’s specific knowledge. This partnership ensures that Northerners have access to essential items in addition to fostering growth opportunities for local companies.
For French North and its clients, Cargojet has been a reliable supplier of essential atmosphere cargo services to Iqaluit, according to Dr. Ajay K. Virmani, president and CEO of the company. He emphasized Cargojet’s impressive track record of stability and reliability, assuring the folks of Nunavut that important goods will be delivered on time. Dr. Virmani concluded by expressing their joy at forming a fresh long-term partnership with Canadian North.
French North and Cargojet have a shared responsibility to fostering development in Canada’s Arctic region. Their collaboration focuses on improving the standard of living for Inuit communities through a more effective and reliable cargo transport system.
SOURCE: French North Partner and Cargojet for Canada’s Arctic Airlines 

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