Strong airlines between Moscow and Havana are launched by Russia and Cuba.

Resuming direct flights between Moscow and Havana has improved go availability and improved relationships. Juan Carlos Garcia Granda, the country’s minister of tourism, Victor Koronelli, a Russian ambassador to Cuba, and Nana Mgeladze, its Russian president common, were present to celebrate the first Russian journey. At the occasion, representatives from Cuba’s legal aviation and tourism industries were also present.
There are now three nonstop flights per year from Moscow to the well-known Varadero location, despite a recent lull in air travel, the Russian ambassador to Cuba claims. The return of direct flights between Moscow and Havana provides citizens with a practical and immediate route, enhancing journey between the two nations.
These planes were highly regarded by both Russian and Cuban travellers, as Ambassador Coronelli emphasized. Strong flights have been reinstated, demonstrating a renewed commitment to improving diplomatic ties that extends beyond political boundaries to include both countries ‘ citizens.
The head of Caribbean hospitality, Juan Carlos Garcia Granda, emphasized the important contribution Russian tourism has made to the country’s economy over the years. He made note of the fact that Russia, which was once the fourth-largest holiday destination for Cuba, has now surpassed that position to the second. Given this, Granda emphasized the necessity of increasing the number of planes from Russia, seeing it as a tactical move toward the expansion and conservation of Cuba’s thriving tourism industry.
The return of daily flights between Moscow and Havana is a positive development in enhancing the long-standing ties between Russia and Cuba. This agreement in air travel is anticipated to significantly contribute to the growth and vitality of the hospitality sector in both countries as Russian tourism plays a more important part in Cuba’s economy.
The national airline of Russia, Aeroflot, now operates nonstop flights between Moscow and Havana’s José Mart International Airport, which is 11 miles ( 18 kilometers ) from the city. About 12 hours and 30 days are spent on the trip.
SOURCE: Clear flights between Moscow and Havana are launched by Russia and Cuba. 

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