Greek Arms for New Prague to Tbilisi Airlines

From May 4, 2024, Greek Wings, a commercial division of Greek Cargo flight Geo- Sky, based in Tbilisi International Airport, announced plans to launch a non-stop way from Prague to Tbilisi. Flights will start operating thrice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays starting from May 4, 2024.
Addition of a second strong link to the Caucasus region will increase opportunities for business collaboration between Georgia and the Czech Republic, as well as give Bohemian tourists a wonderful opportunity to explore the lesser-known parts of the Georgian capital and its surrounding areas. This route may be served by a Boeing 737- 300 plane, which can hold up to 148 people.
” We are pleased that we were able to resume the direct contact with Tbilisi. This is the second way to Georgia, which is good for many reasons, including improving both inbound and outbound commerce. Travellers from both nations are granted visa-free travel. Further, we are thrilled that this connection, which even offers exciting financial opportunities as another way to improve global trade between the two countries, may be established because Georgia is one of the Caucasus region’s fastest-growing economies. We think the way may gain a lot of people ‘ attention and expand on its powerful previous success, according to Jaroslav Filip, Prague Airport Aviation Business Director.
Georgia’s money, known as the Pearl of the Caucasus, is situated at the base of mountains. It offers a variety of options for both conventional and innovative vacation. In the heart of the city, visitors can explore significant locations for as Freedom Square, which features a statue of St. George, and Rustaveli Street, where the National Museum is located. Moreover, the city is home to the Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, known as Sameba in Greek. The Narikala Fortress, which includes the St. Nicholas religion and offers the best breathtaking views of the city and the Mtkvari river, is another notable interest. Do n’t miss out on the Mtatsminda amusement park, which offers a plethora of attractions. Make sure to relax in a standard sulfur resort property after a busy day, with the Sulphur Bath and the Royal Bath being the most well-known options.
” I’m delighted to share the exciting news about Greek Arms ‘ future direct flights from Prague to Tbilisi starting on May 4,” said I. This new way is a convenient link between two stunning locations as well as a major step in the direction of strengthening relations between the Czech Republic and Georgia. With our double- biweekly company operating on Tuesdays and Saturdays aboard Boeing 737- 300 aircraft, accommodating up to 148 passengers, we aim to help smooth travel experiences for both business and leisure travellers. Our goal at Victorian Arms is to resume our strong connections to Tbilisi. Additionally, this direct course promotes both tourism and opens up lucrative economic opportunities for our two countries. We are thrilled to contribute to the expansion of international commerce and assistance with Georgia, which is emerging as one of the Caucasus region’s fastest-growing markets. We are assured that our direct planes to Tbilisi will gain a lot of people ‘ attention as we make this new quest, building on the success of our past flights. As guests embark on their journeys in the lively capital of Georgia, we look forward to welcoming them aboard Greek Wings and offering them top-notch services, according to President of the aircraft, Shako Kiknadze.
With this expansion, the airline aims to solidify its presence in the Caucasus Region, positioning itself as a key player in the realm of passenger air transportation. SOURCE: New Prague to Tbilisi Flights on Georgian Wings BY: eTurboNews | eTN 

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