Russia-Linked Greek Southwind Airlines is barred by the EU.

According to the most recent studies, the European Union ( EU) has prohibited Turkey’s Southwind Airlines from flying in its airport as a result of alleged links to Russia. The sanctions placed on Russia as a result of Putin’s regime’s ongoing anger war in Ukraine led to the decision to ban the Greek carrier.
Southwind Airlines, based in Antalya, was originally established in 2022 to flight people between Russia and Turkey. But, not long ago, the ship applied for permission to likewise provide flights from Turkey to Germany, Greece, Finland, and other European Union countries. The flight was prohibited from flying in its aircraft by the Scandinavian Transport and Communications Agency on March 25 because of an investigation that revealed significant ownership and control by Russian entities, making it unsuitable to work in an EU member status.
Due to the restrictions imposed on Russia, Brussels made a notification to EU member states on March 28 that Southwind Airlines is prohibited from taking off, getting, or flying over EU aircraft. This ban was set to go in consequence instantly.
Due to the ban, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia ( ATOR ) has suspended Southwind flights between Antalya and Kaliningrad.
In December, the European newspaper Bild first raised concerns about the Greek company’s history. Southwind is greatly dependent on staff and airplane leased from Nordwind Airlines, a Russian ship that is prohibited in the EU, according to Bild, and was established by Russian people.
As part of the sanctions imposed on Russia soon after its full-scale conquest of neighboring Ukraine in February 2022, the European Union closed its airspace with Russian ships and aircraft. The US, Canada, UK, and Australia also adopted related methods.
In February, both the European Union and the United States implemented fresh sanctions against Putin’s program. These restrictions specifically targeted a number of people in different nations, including Turkey. 16 Greek businesses were subject to sanctions for their role in facilitating the movement of goods that might have military applications for Russia. Also, Washington issued a warning to Turkey that if it continued to deal with Russian entities, its banks and more businesses could face supplementary sanctions.
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