Grounded flights, stalled trains: Dense fog paralyzes India’s capital

Unusually severe winter season in India has brought most of New Delhi‘s transportation to a grinding halt.

Numerous flights have been diverted to different airports and more than thirty trains are running behind schedule. as a thick blanket of fog covers India’s capital city.

Photos and videos shared on social media Monday morning show the Indian capital and its suburbs fully consumed by impenetrable fog.

The Delhi International Airport warned that only ILS-assisted (instrument landing system) landings were possible until further notice, diverting at least three planes to other airports, and advising passengers to keep in touch with their airlines.

Due to poor visibility, nearly three dozen trains were running late, while on highways, drivers were forced to go slowly and extremely carefully, with full-beam headlights and emergency flashers.

The latest weather surprise comes just a day after temperatures in New Delhi plummeted to 36.5F, forcing the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) to issue a “red warning.” The air quality in the capital has been listed as ‘severe’ since Sunday.