Hoedspruit Airport in South Africa Plans to Fly International

Eastgate Airport in Hoedspruit hopes to get an international airport registration and plans to launch international flights in response to high demand.
According to reports, Esmaralda Barnes, the chief operating officer, said they are having initial discussions with the relevant authorities to obtain the global license.
Barnes acknowledged that the necessary steps taken by the appropriate government may take some time. She did, however, express confidence in Hoedspruit’s Eastgate Airport ( HDS ) obtaining the international license, citing the assistance of Limpopo Province and Maruleng’S Mayor. Barnes made the assumption that the registration confirmation may occur by 2024’s end.
The significant monthly customer visitors at Hoedspruit Airport was cited by the Limpopo Provincial Government as the motivation for the decision to convert it to an international airport.
Prior to the effects of COVID-19, the airport welcomed over 71, 000 travelers, with a sizable majority—more than 75 % —being foreign visitors primarily from Central Europe and Scandinavian nations, according to their statement.
The Kruger Transfrontier Park and various destinations in the country’s northeast region are accessible from Hoedspruit Airport, which is where the majority of international travelers arriving in South Africa first area in Cape Town.
Both the hospitality and agricultural sectors, which are the backbone of Maruleng’s regional economy and significantly contribute to the larger provincial economy, are anticipated to benefit greatly from the upcoming global permit for Hoedspruit Airport. SOURCE: The Hoedspruit Airport in South Africa intends to travel internationally. 

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