Lufthansa Hates United Airlines Passengers: LH Hero Ms. Ugurel Wants Shifts

A year ago, this publisher reported on an encounter with Lufthansa customer support at Frankfurt International Airport. However, not much has changed to address the animosity between Lufthansa and United Airlines—premium United Airlines customers experience abuse year after year.
After generating 2.7 billion dollars in revenue last year and 120 million travellers, making it the best time ever for the German symbol carrier, despite attacks that crippled the flight. It hurt the German market and those traveling within, through, to, and from Germany.
A soft cooperation and go practice for Star Alliance passengers on LH may not be in the cards for some time due to harsh and unprofessional customer service agents and lengthy telephone wait times, including for premium customers.
Mileage Plus and Miles &amp, More
Many Lufthansa agents dislike United Airlines passengers who do n’t convert from Mileage Plus to Miles and More, as it becomes more and more clear.
The Lufthansa frequent flyer program is Miles and More. The United Airlines programme is Mileage Plus. The Star Alliance empire includes both flights.
The empire advocates for shared status benefits and soft flight experiences for premium frequent travelers throughout their system of member airlines.
This artist, Juergen Steinmetz, is the publication of eTurboNews, and also a happy 3 million 1K brochure with Star Alliance Member ship United Airlines. The most popular frequent flyer standing at United Airlines is 1K.
He is now in Berlin, Germany, after learning that many attendees of the ITB go trade show were prevented from attending due to strikes by Lufthansa and other Star Alliance members of the same organization, German Rail.
This airport empire was founded by United Airlines and Lufthansa.
According to Lufthansa, United Airlines individuals are idiots.
What Juergen Steinmetz went through immediately, see:
I purchased a business class seat on Lufthansa to take the Munich flight from Berlin to Bucharest. I was told by Lufthansa to test in online on the LH site or LH App twenty-four days before takeoff.
The procedure was simple. My United Airlines Mileage Plus regular flyer number was unable to be included in my customer history, though.
Without it, my boarding pass failed to display my Platinum Status or allow me to board from the bottom zone. Additionally, I would n’t have been given a seat in the Senator Lounge.
I decided to visit on “help” to increase this amount to my history. There was a mumble have. The discussion alternative I needed was not present in the chat function.
I clicked on the phone feature, and it dialed a US range, yet though I was in Germany. After waiting for 31 moments, I sat down.
Next, I googled the 24- afternoon call centre variety in Germany, selected the German language choice, and an agent answered within a few minutes. She found my arranging after I looked for my reservation code and gave it to the broker.
I requested that she add my United Airlines Mileage Plus variety to my Invoice, but she said she was not.
When I asked why, she silently put me on hold. I waited 18 hours before disconnecting, and I called afterwards.
I asked another agent to speak with a supervisor the third time, only to be told that they did n’t have any supervisors I could speak with. I once more raised my problem, and this representative disconnected without attempting to help.
Visit 4: This day, I spoke to another adviser, telling her I was disconnected on a prior visit, and again asked her to put my UA range. She instructed me to call her support desk and put me on hold for 23 hours, forcing me to connect once more.
A German agent who was listening to what I had to state for the second time just disconnected me.
I was connected to the Lufthansa frequent flyer program the following time ( number 6 ). However, there was no way to speak to a man without having a Miles and More range, so the technique said,” Goodbye”.
On contact number seven, I listened to audio for 37 days,
There was no more songs on call eight, the telephone just did not receive a response. My visitor ID must have been blacklisted at the time, in my opinion.
On contact number nine, I selected English as a dialect, and suddenly, I was met by a passive hold for 15 hours before finally giving up.
On my eighth contact, I used a various phone. Yet though my arranging was made instantly with Lufthansa, I was moved to a Lufthansa Miles and More broker who wanted me to visit United Airlines. My ordering did not involve a trip to the United States, and there was no United Airlines section in the record. I had booked a one- means journey from Berlin, Germany, to Bucharest, Romania.
After being explained everything to another Lufthansa Miles and More agent on visit 11, I was once more delayed by more than an afternoon. When the representative suddenly responded, she disconnected without saying another word.
Ms. Ugurel Steps in as Lufthansa Hero
I was prepared to give up, but I made the decision to give it another shot. This day, I spoke with a really good Lufthansa agent, a female representative by the name of Ms. Ugurel.
She promised to call me up if we disconnected, but we did not.
I promised to write down her title and describe what I had gone through to her. She found my reservation and added my United Airlines Mileage Plus number right away, and my boarding pass now displays the” G” and Gold Status with all benefits.
I thanked her and told her she was my warrior. She apologized to her coworkers and wished me a nice hour and a pleasant journey.
My” G” status remained visible for about an hour before my boarding pass changed to” no status.” However, the technique properly recognized my Mileage Plus range when I arrived at Berlin Airport and checked in when I arrived. Bless you, Ms. Ugurel.
The question then remains?
Why wo n’t and ca n’t Lufthansa assist United Airlines passengers? Why does Lufthansa never grant UA subscription members access to the firm’s premium hotlines? Should n’t this be a given between Star Alliance carriers?
Is it a lack of education or a do- never- care approach?
As a European American, I like Lufthansa and experience some satisfaction when I hear about my home airport. However, as a traveler, I consider the LH structure’s shortcomings to be detrimental not only to the airport but also to Germany as a nation and economy.
I may just feel guilty for Lufthansa’s upset staff. I have no doubts about Ms. Ugurel getting a promotion so she can take charge of training her coworkers because of a billion Dollars in income.
I even hope Star Alliance may assist in making flying through their system a simple knowledge.
Whatever United Airlines did to Lufthansa, finally, Ms. Ugurel may drive LH managers to find a solution.
Aloha and Mahalo, Ms. Ugurel!
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