Many injuries during the AA Airbus A321 Neo difficult getting in Maui

On Saturday, American Airlines flight 271 from Los Angeles to Kahului, Maui, took off 1 minute and 18 days later.
It made a difficult landing when it touched down in Kahului on Saturday at 2:00 am, injuring 5 flight staff and 1 customer. After being admitted to a nearby hospital, they were let go. The reason for this difficult getting has not been made public.
When an airplane lands with more force and speed than usual, it is said to have made a hard landing. This may occur when the weather suddenly changes during landing, the plane’s approach position is off, or the lateral descent rate is too high. Prospective harm, injury, and stress can result from a hard landing.
Some people have reported that the Airbus 321 Neo, like the Boeing 737, is a two-engine aircraft and is not the most comfortable option to use for an extended overwater trip.
The A321 and A320neo families were combined to create the single-aislee aircraft known as the Airbus A311. The A321neo has a maximum take-off mass of 97 plenty (97, 000 kg/213, 848 kg ) and an engine with force of 24, 500–35–19.5kN. Its range is 3, 995 coastal miles (7, 399 metres ).
According to the airport,” Flight 271 from Los Angeles International Airport “had a problem upon landing.” ” Customers deplaned usually and the plane taxied to the wall under its strength.”
According to data from the National Weather Service, Maui’s climate at the time was partially cloudy and windy, with a temperature of about 80 deg.
The airport in Kahului, which is sandwiched between two peaks, is renowned for its rocky and occasionally challenging flights.
Seven staff members and 167 passengers were transported by AA 271
After this landing, the Airbus was taken out of service for a thorough examination. SOURCE: Many injury sustained during the AA Airbus A321 Neo’s hard landing in Maui: eTurboNews 

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