Tata and Airbus form a joint aircraft venture in India.

Indian Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra announced that Tata Group, a significant American company, will work with France’s aircraft behemoth Airbus to produce civilian aircraft during the attend of French President Emmanuel Macron.
The top diplomat in New Delhi informed the media that the two companies had reached an agreement to produce H125 helicopters, emphasizing the addition of a sizable percentage of indigenous and localized components. The businesses are currently working together to build C- 295 travel plane in Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state.
Tata Group will be in charge of setting up an Indian Final Assembly Line ( FAL ) for Airbus H125 helicopters, according to a statement made public by the company. Deliveries are scheduled to start in 2026, and the installation procedure is anticipated to take about two years. Additionally, according to Airbus, exporting these aircraft to next nations is another possibility for a new joint venture. The precise producing place, though, has not yet been agreed upon by both parties involved.
France is India’s second-largest supplier of weapons in addition to being a major exporter of civil aviation goods. For many years, the Indian Air Force has relied on European warrior jets.
On Thursday and Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron paid an official visit to India to take part in the Republic Day ceremonies, which are held every January 26. His visit was intended to engage in discussions about the defense industry, with a focus on potential partnerships between India and European global company Safran in the development of jet engines.
According to Jawed Ashraf, India’s ambassador to France, Safran, which has its headquarters in Paris, has expressed a perfect willingness to take on the task while completely transferring systems in the areas of style, development, certification, and production.
A US-French company of aircraft engines, CFM International, also revealed that it has partnered with the Indian flight Akasa Air. In accordance with the agreement, more than 300 LEAP-1B machines will be sold to help 150 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. According to Akasa Air, the agreement also includes free motors and a providers contract in addition to the engines. The Mumbai-based flight had originally placed an order for 76 LEAP-1B-powered 737- 8 plane, with 22 of them already in service.
Another significant contracts were likewise made during President Macron’s attend. One of these was a” Defense Space Partnership” letter of intent between the French Armed Forces and the Indian Ministry of Defense. A memorandum of understanding ( MoU) regarding space technology was also signed by France’s Arianespace SAS and NewSpace India Limited ( NSIL ). Additionally, the two nations decided to declare 2026 to be the” India-France Year of Innovation.”
Macron’s visit to New Delhi comes only six weeks after Prime Minister Modi was a guest of honor at the Bastille Day Parade in France. France is eager to strengthen its collaboration with India in many areas, including electricity, space, and protection. The two nations created a diplomatic strategy for the following 25 years during that trip.
In many areas, including electricity, space, and defense, France wants to improve its cooperation with India. Only six months had passed since Prime Minister Modi had attended France’s Bastille Day Parade as the distinguished host when Macron made his trip to New Delhi. The two countries came up with a joint program for the following 25 years during that attend. Tata and Airbus form a cooperative helicopter venture in India, according to SOURCE: eTurboNews |ETN 

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