New Air Japan of ANA launches a trip from New Tokyo to Singapore.

The newest aircraft model of ANA Groups, Air Japan, is scheduled to launch flights on the Tokyo Narita to Singapore road on Friday, April 26, 2024. Singapore will join Air Japan as the next destination, showcasing Singapore’s allure as a captivating tourist destination with many attractions as well as its status as an important international business hub. The Changi Airport in Singapore even makes it easier to get to and from Southeast Asia.
By providing a rich absorption in Asian culture, Air Japan hopes to improve the social trade between Japan and Singapore as well as throughout Southeast Asia.
With the arrival of the second aircraft in April, the Narita-Bangalore-Seoul ( Incheon ) routes, which started operating in February, will have increased flight frequency to daily service.
Japan Air
A low-cost airport with its headquarters at Narita International Airport in Nrita, Chiba, in Japan is called Air Japan, or Air Japanese Co., Ltd. The flight was relaunched in 2022 as the long-term, low-cost division of the ANA Group after being established as a contract aircraft in 1990. Fly Thoughtful was the catchphrase used to promote it. With the exception of flights to and from Seoul Incheon, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Honolulu that use the Air Japan phone signal, all other flights had the same call up until this point.
Beginning in February 2024, Air Japan did begin servicing flights to and from Southeast Asia using Boeing 787 Aircraft in an all-Economy course design, according to ANA’s announcement on March 9, 2023. The airport is designed to be ANA’s competitor to Japan Airlines ‘ ZipAir, which also operates in the same industry. Beginning on February 9, 2024, six times per week, the new Air Japan will begin operating in Bangkok ( Suvarnabhumi).
The All Nippon Airways ( ANA )
All Nippon Airways ( ANA ), which was established in 1952 with just two helicopters, has expanded to become the biggest airline in Japan. The largest airline group holding company in Japan, ANA HOLDINGS Inc. ( ANA HD), was founded in 2013 and is made up of 69 businesses, including the LCC leader Peach Aviation.
ANA HD is the largest Aircraft operator in the world because it is a build customer and the biggest technician of the Boeing 787. Since 1999, ANA has been a part of the Star Alliance, and it has shared venture partnerships with Hungarian Airlines, Swiss International Air, Lufthansa German Airlines. SOURCE: New Air Japan of ANA launches a trip from New Tokyo to Singapore. 

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