New Baggage System in Heathrow Terminal 2
New Baggage System in Heathrow Terminal 2

New Baggage System in Heathrow Terminal 2

Heathrow deal signed for a new baggage system in The Queen's Terminal

Heathrow has made significant progress today in its ambitious efforts to revitalize the UK’s primary international airport. An agreement with BEUMER Group has been reached for the establishment of an advanced replacement baggage system in Terminal 2, also known as The Queen’s Terminal. This undertaking is a crucial milestone in facilitating future advancements at Heathrow, enabling the deactivation of the outdated 30-year-old baggage system in Terminal 1 that currently serves Terminal 2.

The upgraded system will have the capacity to process 31,000 bags per day while providing improved durability. Enhanced data analytics through new technology will ensure customers receive a dependable and consistent service.

The project is crucial as it paves the way for the demolition of Terminal 1, which ceased operations for passengers in 2015. This marks a significant milestone in the realization of Heathrow’s vision for the central area of the airport. The long-term plan for the airport involves a complete overhaul of the Central Terminal Area, introducing new structures and infrastructure in the space between the runways.

Upon the completion of the entire elimination of Terminal 1, Terminal 2 will undergo an extension to reach its maximum dimensions. This expansion will enhance the airport’s capacity to accommodate a greater number of passengers, offering top-notch amenities while utilizing the existing space.

Heathrow’s efficient systems ensure the quick sorting and scanning of approximately 140,000 bags per day during their journey from check-in to the airfield. This is one of the ways Heathrow Airport maintains its position as a top global hub, providing UK businesses and travelers with direct access to an impressive 239 destinations in 89 countries.

BEUMER Group has been selected to execute the six-year project that will enhance passenger benefits and contribute to Heathrow’s ongoing dedication to providing a secure and efficient working environment for airline and ground handler partners. This includes implementing improvements to support manual handling responsibilities.