Next Phase of Digital Transformation to Empower Flight Crews

 Qatar Airways has introduced an in-house application that enables Cabin Crew to deliver personalized experiences to passengers. In its initial phase, the application offers real-time insights on flight information, and customer and service information. This allows Cabin Crew to view passengers’ profiles, including privileged club members and Oneworld members, as well as all special service requests and preferences for a more personalized and integrated journey with the award-winning airline. The application also empowers Cabin Crew by providing access to up-to-date digital training materials.

In the coming months, Qatar Airways will have reached the first milestone in this phase of digital transformation by providing Cabin Crew with more than 15,000 mobile devices. The airline will complete the roll-out of the new project in multiple stages, with plans to expand its scope to Hamad International Airport and overseas airports and lounges, integrating passengers’ unique itineraries and requirements across all touchpoints.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive Officer, Engr Badr Mohammed Al Meer, said: “We, at Qatar Airways, are incredibly excited to introduce a new phase in the airline’s digital transformation, especially one that will enhance our world-class onboard experience. As leaders in industry innovation and digital adoption, Qatar Airways excels in identifying and responding to emerging trends for the comfort and convenience of our passengers and this project is a defining step towards a more connected and insightful interaction between our customers and staff.”

By embracing digital solutions, the airline is not only streamlining processes but is also demonstrating a commitment to reducing paper waste and taking a step towards more sustainable ways of working.

Qatar Airways has taken major strides in its digital transformation this year, including its collaboration with Google Cloud to explore data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions for enhanced customer experiences and sustainability.