Peruvian Airlines stopped operation with bank accounts frozen

Peruvian Airlines stopped operation with bank accounts frozen 1

Peruvian Airlines seems to be out of business after their bank accounts were temporarily frozen by Peruvian authorities.

The airline was founded in November 2007 and based in Lima Peru.

Peruvian Airlines has shut down after 10 years of operation yesterday with one B737-400, five  B737-500, two stored DC-8-73F’s and a pending order for ten Russian MC-21’s and ten Sukhoi SSJ100’s for a “future” Aero Peru resurrection.

The airlines had cash flow issues for a while and  a few accidents

Peru is a battleground of the BIG boys today, with Latam Peru, Avianca Peru, Viva Air Peru all using new aircraft vs old but cheap aircraft by the locally owned operators. It’s only a matter of time before others fade away

Tomas Chlumecky, an international aviation executive told eTN: There are around 820 or so scheduled service airlines in the world today, only 290 (35%) are IATA members. It means there are around 530 small airlines. Every year some disappear and new ones start-up.

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