Qatar Airways ‘ New Doha to Kinshasa Journey

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC ), is one of Qatar Airways ‘ plans to expand its network. This growth aims to increase the number and frequency of flights to Luanda, Angola. Qatar Airways is expanding its network in this way, expanding its options for travelers to other important Egyptian regions. Also, this creation introduces a new entry level for global travel from Africa to China, Europe, and the India Subcontinent, with Doha, Qatar serving as the gateway. With the addition of Kinshasa, the airport now serves a full of twenty-nine spots in Africa.
As of June 1st, 2024, Luanda may experience a rise in its weekly planes from one to four. It will be the first time Qatar Airways will operate this course, and they will launch a new service to Kinshasa. The fresh course may be operated by a Boeing 787- 8 Dreamliner plane. This aeroplane has 232 Business Class seats and 22 Business Class chairs.
In line with Qatar Airways ‘ CCO, Thierry Antinori, the airline has accomplished considerable accomplishments in the expansion of its 2024 network, and this most recent addition is especially noticeable because it supports the carrier’s strategic plan to expand its presence in Africa. Kinshasa’s participation in Qatar Airways ‘ system is the most recent indication of the airline’s efforts to improve connectivity to Africa. Through its system and its gateway at Doha’s Hamad International Airport, Qatar Airways has demonstrated its dedication to the region by providing travelers in Africa with more options for exploring different regions of the world.
Aircraft Plan:
( All local time )
Aircraft QRQ1491
Doha ( DOH) to Kinshasa ( FIH) – QR1491 departing Doha at 02: 45 and arriving to Kinshasa at 08: 10.
Kinshasa ( FIH) to Luanda ( LAD ) – QR1491 departing Kinshasa at 09: 40 and arriving to Luanda at 10: 55.
Luanda ( LAD ) to Doha ( DOH) – QR1491 departing Luanda at 12: 25 and arriving to Doha 22: 50.
Aircraft QRQ1489
Doha ( DOH) to Luanda ( LAD ) – QR1489 departing Doha at 09: 20 and arriving to Luanda at 15: 40.
Luanda ( LAD ) to Kinshasa ( FIH) – QR1489 departing Luanda at 17: 10 and arriving to Kinshasa at 18: 25.
Kinshasa ( FIH) to Doha ( DOH) – QR1489 departing Kinshasa at 19: 55 and arriving to Doha at 05: 45+1SOURCE: New Doha to Kinshasa Flight on Qatar Airways BY: eTurboNews | eTN 

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