Review of Qatar Airways Dream Flight

Josh Cahill was left stranded at an airport and barred from flying Qatar Airways again after a new “honest but essential flight review,” which suggests that the Doha-based firm’s popularity may be in serious problems. His crime was to refuse a complimentary PR flight from the provider in order to remove his vital flight review video, which he had posted on YouTube.
Since Qatar Airways dislikes negative reviews, the airline’s attempt to discredit them ended up being a complete PR dream.
The flight crew in charge of the flight that the essential report was on was also fired as additional punishment.
Josh mentioned in his review private meetings with QR employees and discovered a dubious organizational structure and employee demotivation for this successful 5-star airport owned by the State of Qatar.
A Startling Decrease in Qatar Airways
After Josh claimed that his flight experience was a stunning reduction for Qatar Airways, the journalist questioned why CEO Akbar Al Baker of the airline resigned.
Josh gave the following account:” This is the tale of Qatar Airways ‘ bribery try and attempt to remove my previous YouTube picture.” They decided to forbid me from flying with them after I turned down their present.
Why does Qatar Airways also operate the A330?

Josh Cahill, a specialist in European flight reviews, traveled from Colombo, Sri Lanka, to Doha, Qatar, on Qatar Airways. He just so happened to have a reservation on one of Qatar Airways ‘ aging A350 planes.

A Great Review of the Qatar Airways A330 Following a Negative Review Juergen Steinmetz, the publication of eTurboNews, even took a Qatar Airways A330 from Colombo to Doha around the same time.

” I traveled with Qatar Airways this year on many flights via Doha from Los Angeles, New York, Bali, Riyadh, Jeddah; Frankfurt, Cairo; Colombo; Kathmandu; and Mumbai; and every experience was fantastic, with flight servants going out of their way to treat you nicely.”

On Qatar Airways, I saw a flight attendant entering the restroom after passengers left to clean up.
I can appreciate that every airline has good and bad staff, happy and sad flights, and competent and incompetent staff. Mr. Cahill’s experience was not great. It was very dissimilar from what I had repeatedly encountered in 2023.

Josh noted in his statement that Qatar Airways flight staff forbade the use of cameras board. My experience was different

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