Canada expands weather ties with Turkey, Jordan, and Ethiopia.

To meet the needs of all Canadians, Canada provides a wide range of flight options, including those for amusement, business, and the transportation of people and goods. In an effort to give passengers and exporters more options and comfort, the Canadian government is actively working to improve international air travel agreements.
Pablo Rodriguez, Canada’s secretary of transportation, announced today that Canada has recently expanded its air transportation agreements with Ethiopia, Jordan, and Türkiye.
The revised deal with Ethiopia allows for a five to seven increase in regular passenger flights between the two nations. This will make it easier to improve diplomatic ties, increase communication with Ethiopia, and increase access to sub-Saharan Africa.
The agreement between Canada and Jordan has been expanded, allowing both nations to run up to seven regular passenger flights, up from the previous restriction of three. This modification is being made in response to the increasing need for air travel between Jordan and Canada.
The regular all-cargo flights from Turkey, which were originally restricted to three, have increased as a result of the extended agreement.
Air companies can use the innovative rights under these contracts right away.
Strengthening Canada’s ties with foreign colleagues creates options and doors for American businesses around the world, according to the Honorable Mary Ng, Minister of Export Promotion, International Trade, and Economic Development of Canada. The news made today may also help to improve business relations between Canada and other countries, open up new business opportunities for those Canadians and strengthen the American economy.
The achievement of modified agreements was made easier by Canada’s Blue Sky plan, which encouraged sustained competition and the expansion of international aviation services.
Under the Blue Sky Policy, the Government of Canada has entered into new or expanded heat transportation partnerships with more than 110 nations. SOURCE: Canada expands weather ties with Turkey, Jordan, and Ethiopia. 

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