Russia to unveil new MC-21-300 passenger jet at Moscow International Aviation and Space Salon

The United Aircraft Corporation’s Russian-built Irkut MC-21-300 passenger jet jet will be officially unveiled at this year’s Moscow International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS 2019), which kicks off on Tuesday and is undergoing final preparations ahead of its official debut.

The new jet is set to be one of the star attractions at the show and the video shows painters meticulously decking it out in shiny new livery, ahead of its debut.

At this week’s show members of the public and figures from the aviation industry will get to see the finished product.

In Russia, the MC-21 project is widely seen as Russia’s answer to the US plane-maker Boeing’s ill-fated 737 MAX line of passenger aircraft.

The third MC-21 test aircraft completed its maiden voyage in March and the fourth will start test flights later this year.

It is set to complete Russian certification tests by 2020 and European Union tests a year later.

State-run United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has already received orders for 175 aircraft.

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