Russian Pobeda Airlines expects six-month delay in new 737 MAX 8 jet deliveries

A wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflot, Russian low-cost Pobeda Airlines, said that expected deliveries of Boeing 737 MAX 8 passenger jets will start with a six-month delay.

Jet deliveries were to start in November 2019, but operation of Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes was banned until ascertaining the circumstances of jet crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia at the turn of last year—early this year.

“We await those [new aircraft] with a six-month delay in supplies,” source in the airline said, referring to information received from Boeing. According to the source, the aircraft manufacturer will face penalties under the contract in case of shifting deliveries by more than six months.

An official spokesperson of the airline did not comment on the new lead time for the airplanes but noted that the deliveries would not start until there is confidence as to the absolute safety of the jet.

The low cost airline ordered fifteen aircraft of this model. Pobeda’s fleet currently includes thirty jets of the previous generation — Boeing 737-800 NG.

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