Saudi Arabia Attends the 2024 Hajj and Umrah Services Conference and Exhibition

By taking part, Saudia Hajj and Umrah takes advantage of the chance to introduce its most recent goods and services intended to improve the quest of travelers to the Kingdom and expedite their appearance.
A complete display of the services provided on the Saudia Hajj and Umrah site will be on display at the event in Saudi Arabia’s pavilion. Through a online booking system accessible at, this platform makes it simple for pilgrims to create their custom Umrhah packages.
During the event, Saudi Arabia is ratifying a number of strategic agreements and Memorandum of Understanding ( MoUs ) with various partners. In order to enhance the Hajj and Umrah knowledge in line with Saudi Vision 2030’s goals, Saudi Arabia is also constantly taking part in a series of panel discussions.
CEO of Saudi Arabia Hajj and Umrah, Amer AlKhushail, stated:
Since its founding, Saudi Arabia has been eager to assist travelers to the Hajj and Umrah in terms of their travels and in paying close attention to every last detail.
The success of Saudi Arabia has always depended on” constructive participation and integrated performance alongside numerous partners across the government and private business.”
In order to serve Hajj and Umrah pilgrims in the future, Saudi Arabia will make a number of important and proper announcements, he continued.
Leading Hajj and Umrah service providers, other interested parties, and officials from Saudi Arabia and abroad will all take part in the 2024 conference and exhibition, which is organized by the Ministry of HaJj & Umreh in collaboration with the” Doyof Al Rahman Program.” The event may talk about the most recent advancements and best practices for giving Hajj and Umrah travellers excellent service.
Saudi Arabia Attends the 2024 Hajj and Umrah Services Conference and Exhibition 

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