Southwest Airlines Names New Vice Presidents

Southwest Airlines Co. has made a number of management changes throughout the business, most of which were announced immediately. These adjustments are now in effect and represent Southwest Airlines ‘ continued corporate reform efforts that started in September 2022 and have continued into 2024.
• Carrie Mills has been promoted from Vice President Technology, Cybersecurity to Vice President &amp, Chief Information Security Officer—Cybersecurity.
Mills, in her position as Chief Information Security Officer, will have the entire responsibility for security in Southwest’s services, flights, and plane. This includes overseeing safety architecture, security operations, event response, risk knowledge, danger and compliance, and vulnerability management. Also, she will continue to lead the Cybersecurity Team, managing the time- to- day operations and driving important initiatives such as Affluent Access Management, Technology Data Privacy, expansion of Multi- Factor Authentication, Vulnerability Management, and Incident Response and Recovery.
Mills became the Top Manager with responsibility for Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence and Response at Southwest Airlines in 2017. Under her authority, the group achieved numerous victories in enhancing Southwest’s Cybersecurity. These accomplishments included the establishment of a round-the-clock Security Operations Center ( SOC ) and Security Information and Event Management ( SIEM) capabilities, improving incident response procedures, implementing Shape Security to combat account takeover attacks, developing advanced technologies for vulnerability management and reporting, deploying an enterprise-wide Endpoint Detection and Response ( EDR) platform, creating a Cybersecurity Aviation Team to meet Federal Agency requirements, and leading an Integrated Risk Management platform project. In addition to expanding Southwest’s Cybersecurity skills, Mills ‘ strong leadership skills and knowledge of the field have been instrumental in expanding its features. She is a graduate of the management information systems program with a Bachelor of Business Administration.
• With Mill’s change in role. Jim Dayton’s function has changed from Vice President &amp, CISO Technology—Platforms &amp, Architecture to Vice President Technology—Platforms &amp, Architecture.
Dayton’s responsibilities include creating cutting-edge technology and data systems that Development Teams use. This includes Cloud and DevOps growth programs, along with several business data platforms such as analytics, marketing, integration, data river, and data inventory. Also, Dayton oversees the Technology Architecture function, ensuring the general professional design of Southwest’s systems is tenacious, safe, and effective.
Prior to this change, Dayton worked for Southwest Airlines as the Vice President and CIO. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing all cybersecurity aspects, including security engineering, operations, incident response, threat intelligence, risk management, compliance, and vulnerability management. Prior to that, as the Vice President of Technology- Operations Portfolio, Dayton supported various critical operating systems at Southwest Airlines, including Flight Operations, Inflight Operations, Network Operations Control ( NOC), Safety &amp, Security, and Technical Operations Departments. He closely collaborated with these teams to ensure the successful adoption of new technologies that enhanced Southwest’s necessary capabilities. Since joining Southwest in 2012, Dayton has held leadership positions in multiple technology areas, such as Operations Recovery, Network Planning, and Revenue Management. He also served as the Technology Delivery Leader for Southwest’s multi- year Reservation System implementation. Before joining Southwest Airlines, Dayton held the role of Director of Consulting at companies like PeopleSoft, i2 Technologies, and Oracle.
Bob Jordan, president and CEO of Southwest Airlines, emphasized that the essence of their brand lies in their exceptional employees and unmatched hospitality. According to him, Southwest Airlines ‘ People have an unmatched commitment to customer service, and the company takes pride in both acknowledging and refining its organizational structure to ensure the delivery of their absolute best to both their employees and customers. SOURCE: Southwest Airlines Names New Vice Presidents BY: eTurboNews | eTN 

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