Tourism Seychelles and Turkey Tourism Enhance Marriage

A critical meeting with Turkish Airlines executives was the main focus of the trip on March 14.
The group was headed by Minister Sylvestre Radegonde, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, accompanied by Mrs. Sherin Francis, Principal Secretary for Tourism, and Mrs. Bernadette Willemin, Director General for Destination Marketing. The delegation from the Seychelles met with Mr. Bilal Eksi, the CEO of Turkish Airlines, as well as members of his team, including Mrs. Ozlem Salihoglu, senior vice president of global connections and relationships, and Mr. Hikmet Turkseven, vice chairman of income.
The debate’s discussions centered around optimizing flight roads, improving communication, refining special techniques, devising creative hospitality partnerships, and promoting sustainable tourism practices.
Minister Radegonde expressed his enthusiasm about the meeting’s benefits, remarking:
” This was crucial to develop Seychelles- Turkey relationships in tourism,” he said.
” We are convinced that the debate and cooperation with Turkish Airlines may enhance the overall traveling experience for our potential and returning customers.”
The Turkish Airlines group once more reiterated their commitment to enhancing the connection with Tourism Seychelles, in line with other views. Both parties expressed concern about potential economic benefits for Seychelles and Turkey from these partnerships, both positive and negative.
The Seychelles group also took a tour of the recently opened cruise ship terminal, Galataport in Istanbul, which is renowned internationally for its quality in facilitating sail fleet operations while on their quest in Turkey.
Turkish Airlines currently offers seamless access to tourists by offering three regular flights to Seychelles from its Istanbul hub.
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